Sculpteur Gerard Goudot Accueil
Gerard Goudot Sculpteur

Born in 1958

" He is fascinated by the woman. He is an instinctive being, his sculptures reveal its nature and its sensitivity, its ideal. Creation is for him a single means of expression. He devotes its time to art. Certain salons have already shown his works. Nothing makes obstacle with its search of absolute and its perfectionism : he casts bronzes himself. The result is convincing: these bronzes release something of unreal, but in spite of very palpable. And it is there precisely that his art surprises you: so many femininity, so many harmony and sensuality charms you.
He as reached a sufficient maturity today so that his works are present at collectors in France, Germany, Japan, the USA..."

Philosophy and Concepts:

The main subject which inspires me is the woman. I represent her under diverse approaches. Sometimes maternal, sometimes sensual, sometimes symbolized, sometimes deformed leaving free court with the interpretation of the one who looks at her. Whatever is the way I process the subjects, I try to realize sculptures which provoke feelings in their meetings.

According to the French Law, the works are made for 8 copies and 4 tests of artists. There are no other editions.

Photo expo


- Salon des Indépendants ( Grand Palais ) 2008 - 2007
- Salon des Artistes Français ( Grand Palais ) 2007
- Salon d'Automne - Paris - 2007
- market of contemporary art. Paris Bastille. 2008 - 2007 - 2006 - 2005.

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